Online Check-In FAQ

Is my reservation time a guarantee?

No, it is not. The urgent care will do its best to see when you arrive, but if there are sicker patients ahead of you, they may be seen first.

What does this service cost?

Nothing. It is absolutely free for patients.

Can I use Online Check-in if I already have an occupational health / follow-up appointment scheduled?

No. Please arrive just before your appointment time and check in at the front desk.

We do not accept Mass Health or any out of state Medicaid.

Can I use Online Check-in even if I do not have insurance? What about Medicare or Medicaid?

Online Check-in is free for everyone. It does not matter what insurance you have or whether you do not have any.

Can I make one reservation for multiple people?

No. We can only see one patient per time slot. If more than one person needs to be seen, please reserve additional slots. You can view additional times by clicking on the blue drop down bar.

When I arrive, will I see a doctor right away?

You will be seen by a healthcare professional who will evaluate your condition and decide on the best course of action for you. You may be seen by a nurse, physician, physician assistant, or some other combination of healthcare professionals.

What if I make a reservation, and then start feeling a lot worse?

If you are feeling worse, do NOT wait for your reservation. Go to the nearest Emergency Department immediately or call 911 right away.

What happens if I'm late?

There is a 15 minute grace period. If you are later than that time frame, you may lose your spot in line.

I made a reservation, but now I cannot get there on time. Can I adjust my time?

Simply go online and make a new reservation. The system will automatically cancel your old one.

I don't need to go to the Urgent Care anymore. How do I cancel my reservation?

Call us at (401) 725-4100 to let us know you are canceling your Online Check-in reservation.

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